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c to make a choice between manualresetevent or thread - i am not sure which strategy to adopt i am focusing on my operation getting completed but i d also like to keep performance issues to a min too there is a method called execute which has to wait run synchronously until an operation completes this operation happens on another thread, threading in c part 2 basic synchronization - instruction atomicity is a different although analogous concept an instruction is atomic if it executes indivisibly on the underlying processor see nonblocking synchronization nested locking a thread can repeatedly lock the same object in a nested reentrant fashion lock locker lock locker lock locker do something, easily unit testing event handlers philosophical geek - in c if you need to unit test a class that fires an event in certain circumstances perhaps even asynchronously you need to handle a little more than just running some code and doing the assertion, overview of synchronization primitives microsoft docs - overview of synchronization primitives 10 01 2018 7 minutes to read contributors all in this article net provides a range of types that you can use to synchronize access to a shared resource or coordinate thread interaction, safely wake and exit a sleeping c thread without thread - safely wake and exit a sleeping c thread without thread abort 27 apr 2013 as covered in numerous other posts thread abort is a dangerous approach to exiting a thread and can have many unintended consequences that are difficult to track down in azure web farm i ran into a situation where on a role stopping i needed to safely terminate multiple running threads some of which had, data structures for parallel programming microsoft docs - data structures for parallel programming 03 30 2017 3 minutes to read contributors all in this article the net framework version 4 introduces several new types that are useful in parallel programming including a set of concurrent collection classes lightweight synchronization primitives and types for lazy initialization, c wait for pooled threads to complete stack overflow - you need to understand that the code delegate dosomework tmp captures the variable tmp each call to this code captures a different variable each time around the loop because tmp s scope is confined to the body of the loop however the foreach variable is the same variable each time around the loop so all calls to delegate dosomework tmp capture the same thing, threading in c part 4 advanced threading - as it happens intel s x86 and x64 processors always apply acquire fences to reads and release fences to writes whether or not you use the volatile keyword so this keyword has no effect on the hardware if you re using these processors however volatile does have an effect on optimizations performed by the compiler and the clr as well as on 64 bit amd and to a greater extent, debugging windows forms application hangs during - hi everyone one of the most common issues we debug related to windows forms applications is when an application becomes unresponsive due to the systemevents userpreferencechanged event this blog to explain what is actually occurring and how to find and fix the culprit the reason this occurs and the solution is explained in knowledgebase article 943139, httpwebrequest asynchronous programming model task - httpwebrequest asynchronous programming model task factory fromasyc the asynchronous programming model or apm has been around since net 1 1 and i